13 - 15 October 2014 - 18th Organic World Congress in Istanbul.

The IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Organic World Congress takes place every three years in a different country. This time, Turkey was chosen as the host country and the city where all the events took place was Istanbul.

This is the world’s largest conference in the organic sector where stakeholders, scientists, traders, farmers etc come together to share experiences and get the latest insights. During the congress, they use their democratic right to elect relevant bodies involved on a global and regional level. The congress lasts three days, whereas during the pre-conference that takes place a day before regional groups of IFOAM present actions and future goals.

Mr. Mahairidis Dimitrios spoke for Farm Bioma, who presented to the members of Agribio Mediterraneo the activities of his plant nursery as well as the efforts put in for aromatic and medicinal plants so that they can be productive and sustainable in Greece. Throughout his presentation, photos of fields with organic aromatic-medicinal plants were projected as well as producers’ packaging images.

A Greek team visited the Halki Seminary and wandered round its gardens and the area during their stay in Istanbul.

Farm Bioma would like to thank Agribio Mediterraneo for the invitation as well as Father Samuel, Archimandrite of the Seminary, for the warm hospitality.


Congress websitewww.owc2014.org