Greek Herbs

Traditional herbs: rare treasures from the Greek land
Greece is one of the world’s richest countries in terms of biodiversity. Greek nature is host to more than 45% of European flora, with more than 5,700 plant species, many of them endemic, i.e. occurring only in Greece (rare spices, herbs and aromatic plants, such as mountain tea, thyme, mint, sage and dittany). Besides their abundant quantities and rareness, Greek herbs are unique globally for another important reason too: their essential oil content is much higher. Therefore they are definitely better in terms of aroma, flavour and therapeutic properties. For example, the essential oil content of Greek oregano is up to 30 times higher than the typical oregano available at supermarkets. It should be stressed that there are 30 oregano variants occurring in the countryside of Greece, each one with distinct characteristics. On Crete alone, there are 190 endemic plant species occurring nowhere else in the world! There are many other species occurring on Mt Taygetos.
Therefore, Greek herbs are like no other in terms of constituents, as well as in terms of aroma, flavour and properties!

Traditional herbs: rare natural resources for flavouring and pharmaceutical purposes
Greek people have used herbs as seasoning and to make beverages and medicines since ancient times. The method used to pick Greek herbs, on slopes or mountaintops, on the islands or on the mainland, is also deep-rooted: by hand, in the right season each time. And they are packaged, by hand again, only after they are dried and processed, always using natural methods. This helps preserve their precious quality, flavour and organoleptic characteristics, which make them unique and sought after around the globe!