Nuremberg, Journey to the Middle Ages

Historical facts
The Middle Ages come to life when you walk in the city centre of Nuremberg. The well-preserved buildings, the impressive castle and the cathedrals of Gothic architecture take you back in time, when Nuremberg was referred as the 'unofficial capital' of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

The historical Hospice of the Holy Spirit, located in the city centre.

During World War II, the city was severely damaged in Allied strategic bombing and only the 10% of the medieval buildings survived. After the war, however, those magnificent buildings were reconstructed and the city was restored to its pre-war appearance to some extent. 

After the war, a series of military tribunals (better known as the Nuremberg Trials) were held for the prosecution of Nazi war criminals between 1945 – 1946. 

The city today
Nuremberg is a Bavaria city on the river Pegnitz and the Rhine–Danube Canal, 170 km north of Munich and the largest city in the area. The population was 505,664 as of December 2010, whereas the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region comprises 3.5 million people, which makes it Germany's fourteenth largest city.
Today, Nuremberg is a thriving business centre with an international airport and busy exhibition halls.

Tourist attractions:
Nuremberg Trials Courthouse: Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday: 13:00 – 16:00. Tel. No: 0049 911 2315421.

Kaiserburg Castle: Opening hours: April – September 09:00-18:00, October – March 10:00-16:00. Tel. No: 0049 911 2446590.

Nassauer Haus is one of the best preserved examples of a medieval tower.

·         The German National Museum is the greatest history museum of the German culture. (
·         The gallery. Tel. No: 0049 911 23106.

·         The City Museum Fembohaus. 950 years of eventful historical developments are brought to life in this museum. ·        
    The Toy Museum. An interesting museum with medieval dolls, toys from the 1950s’, toy trains, steam engines and many more. Tel. No: 0049 911 2313164 
·         The Nuremberg Transport Museum. In 2.500 mvisitors can see the country’s rich history of the railways. Tel. No: 0049 180 4442233
·         Albrecht Dürer's House. Famous German artist. (1471 – 1528). Tel. No: 0049 911 2312568
For more information regarding the museums’ opening hours and how to get there, please visit the following website:
Information about the city

Tourist information
(hotels, events, local celebrations etc) www.
Tel. No:  0049 911 2336-0
Fax. 0049 911 2336-166

The city’s tourist information centre is opposite the central railway Station. Address:  Königstraße 93. Opening hours: Mon – Sat: (09:00-19:00), Sun: (09:00-16:00)

Miscellaneous news:
Greek Community of Nuremberg -

By car: the distance from Munich to Nuremberg is 170km and it takes approximately an hour and 45 min.

By plane: flights from Athens or Thessaloniki to Nuremberg are seasonal and advance booking is not easy. We caught a flight from Thessaloniki to Munich and from there we caught the train ( to Nuremberg that takes about 1 hour.
The city has an extensive public transport network ( which consists of the Underground, trams and local buses that connects the city’s main districts. Long-term tickets and deals for larger groups are also available. 

Biofach, largest annual Trade Fair for Organic Food

Article – photos: Farm Bioma

For organic farming in Europe, February is dedicated to Biofach and Vivaness. Exhibitors and visitors alike arrive from every country in the exhibition centre of Nuremberg.
The fair is organised under the auspices of IFOAM (the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and BOLW (Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft / Association of Organic Food Producers).

More than 2,300 exhibitors from 76 countries participated in 2014 and 42,445 trade visitors from 135 countries came to the fair. Also, more than 1,000 representatives of the international press were present.

Along with Biofach – into organic that takes place for the 25th year in succession, VIVANESS – into natural beauty, the international Trade Fair in the natural cosmetic sector, has taken place parallel to BIOFACH for the last ten years.

Apart from products and services, the trade fair is a meeting place where the most significant organisations and bodies of organic farming gather, as well as a get-together for scientists, customers, suppliers and partners. Presentations and open panel discussions with top-class speakers complete this fine-meshed event of organic farming.

Without a doubt, visiting or professionally participating in the fair is a must for those with outward-looking goals, looking for new contacts with consumers or international traders.

For more information: