The company "AGROTIKI ILI" (Agricultural Material) was founded in 2014 for the production, manufacturing and selling of agricultural products, focusing on Greek species.

Its basic lines are the biological cultivation, of already well known, Greek Aromatic and Pharmaceutical plants, and the cultivation of new species, mainly for therapeutic uses.

The company is open to collaborations and new actions and has as main goal the export of goods.
The line "Peonia Herbs" which represents the production, procession, labelling and distribution of organic products from aromatic and pharmaceutical plants is our first attempt.

Our production base is at Axioupoli, in the area of Peonia (Kilkis). Our first project, including the installation of the essential equipment (dryer, processor, retort), is already complete.

We own and cultivate 30 acres of land. 

Our first products have been produced and will appear in the market during autumn 2015.