FARM BIOMA - Organic Seedlings and plants

Farm BIOMA is a nursery that can be visited. It produces certified plants or small gardening plants, aromatic – medicinal plants, which can be supplied both to professionals and amateurs from the establishment of the farm or from specializing stores.

Farm BIOMA has its private nursery and other establishments (3,000 m2), plus the ability to produce thousands of plants. There is also the necessary machinery, acquired by a modern greenhouse company. Apart from the greenhouse establishments, there is also a small botanical garden with aromatic, decorative and other types of plants, a library with specialized bibliography on issues of sustainable agriculture, environment, agrotourism, etc. There is even a small meteorological station and a small demonstrative – educational photovoltaic system.

Farm Bioma – Organic vegetables and aromatic plants nursery…
Organic plants for professional farmers to amateur gardeners.

We propagate …
Vegetables and aromatic – medicinal plants since the spring of 2005

We contribute…
To the protection of local biodiversity and labeling quality farm products

We respect…
The customer and the environment, which is why we do not use agrochemicals at any stage of the production process

We propagate, we contribute, we respect FARM BIOMA.

Farm Bioma – Organic vegetables and aromatic plants nursery
2nd Km. Aridea - Thessaloniki, Aridea, Prefecture of Pella, PC 58400
Tel. no: (+30)23840.21193, Fax no: (+30)23840.21363,,