Iaspis Miranda - Greek organic herbs

Iaspis Miranda, our family business, is located in the village Kirakali of the region Grevena.
After spending years in the city, we felt strongly the need to be back in nature, to step on the soil, to listen to the birds singing, to enjoy the view and the wonderful natural environment that we have in our village. This unique way of life made us discover the natural splendor that we can find in our village and the potentials it can give to us if we make use of it.

The environment was ideal on its own. We believed in the high quality of aromatic herbs that we could cultivate and we decided to make it a reality.
Our fields are located at the foot of mountain Pindos, surrounded by a virgin idyllic environment.
Given that we respect and love nature and we want to give to the market a product of high quality, we couldn’t have chosen any other farming method but organic.
Iaspis (jasper) is the semi-precious stone which is considered to be the mother of all precious stones and protects the minerals. Miranda means ‘admirable’ in latin.
Iaspis Miranda is our name therefore, because we know that the earth that we cultivate has great value for us.
Our dream is to make the fragrances of our land travel further away from the borders of our country, as far away as they can go.

  • Greek mountain tea 
  • Greek oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • St. John's Wort
  • Linden tea

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