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In early 2000, research and preparation began with the purpose of creating an organization that will help promote the principles and practices of organic farming. During that time, we participated in conferences and trade fairs, while gathering specialized bibliography on ecological farming and other subjects.

In spring 2005, Farm Bioma was founded on privately-owned land in Aridaia, Pella Municipality. The first facilities were built and the first experimental organic nursery of traditional tomato and pepper varieties was organized.
- The first small bank of traditional seeds was set up in cooperation with the Peliti alternative community.
- A small botanical garden with endemic varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants was created.
- Active participation in the creation of the first organic farmers market, outside the big cities, in Aridaia.
- Participation in the Almopia Aeiforiki association, which was formed by organic farmers in the wider area.

In early 2006, auxiliary facilities were expanded, while the construction of a 2,500-square-metre greenhouse began for the purpose of producing organic vegetable and aromatic plants.
- The bank of traditional varieties was organized.
- Participation in informative events on organic farming in Greece.
- Participation in Panhellenic organic farmer meetings.
- Cultivation and recording of traditional varieties at the nursery farm.
- Working with the local "Karatzovitiki" pepper variety, in an attempt to promote it and introduce is again to local farmers.
- Experimental applications for the creation of organic seedlings.

In 2007, the creation of greenhouse facilities was completed. It is then that the last necessary additions were also made, such as pre-germination chamber and the seeding machine.
- At the beginning of the year, the first sowing took place; the first orders were delivered to professional organic farmers as well as amateur gardeners in spring.
- A list of organic plants with traditional varieties available to both professionals and amateurs was drawn up for the first time in Greece. Observation results from previous years and photographic material provided interested parties with analytical information.
- Propagation of endemic aromatic plants.
- The first network of collaborating organic vegetable farms was set up in cooperation with organic farmers from all corners of Greece.
- The first organic fields were planted with organic aromatic plants.
- The nursery was promoted through publications of Panhellenic range.
- The first school vegetable gardens with organic aromatic and vegetable plants were created in the wider Macedonia area.
- Participation in the Ecofestival 2007 trade fair with an information stand. For four days, Farm Bioma presented organic plants and information material to the visitors of the Expo Athens facilities. Participation in parallel events of the fair.
- Organization of an organic farming week at Aridaia.

- The plant selling area in the nursery facilities was complete; offices were improved and further equipped.
- Participation with propagating material in the seed exchange fairs of the Peliti alternative community.
- Plant shipment throughout the country so as to create school/educational vegetable gardens.
- Organization and improvement of the storage area for traditional varieties.
- Participation with propagation material in doctoral theses at Greek universities and research foundations.
- Participation in Ecofestival 2008 with an information stand.
- Participation in the "Earth Celebrations" festival at Vlasti, Kozani, with an information stand.
- Participation in the 1st Partenariat of Aromatic Plants in the city of Kilkis with an information stand.
- School visits to the nursery facilities.
- Creation of new organic plantations with aromatic plants in farms throughout the country.
- The first organic plant shipments were sent out to amateur gardeners so as to create amateur vegetable and herb gardens throughout the country.

- A small meteorological station was set up at the nursery facilities. A special room was made, equipped with Greek and foreign books on ecology, organic cultivation, and other subjects.
- The first Greek e-shop was created; here, amateur gardeners can order organic plants of traditional varieties. In the same year, the first shipments were sent out to buyers from all over Greece. Organic plants from our nursery travel to Athens, the Cyclades, Crete, etc.
- The gene bank was organized and enriched with new additions.
- Additions of aromatic plants to the nursery educational garden.
- Participation in the Ecofestival 2009 with an information stand.
- Creation of a botanical garden at a local school.
- Participation with propagation material in the seed exchange fairs of the Peliti alternative community.
- Promotion of the nursery through television programmes.
- Production volume reached 1 million organic plants in the first semester.

- Expansion of the cooperation with professional organic farmers throughout Greece.
- Creation of new fields with organic aromatic plants.
- Plant shipments so that organic vegetable gardens might be created in schools.
- Participation with propagation material in the seed exchange fairs of the Peliti alternative community.
- Visits to local schools and presentation of organic farming methods to pupils.
- University student visits to the nursery facilities.
- Participation with organic propagation material in postgraduate and doctoral student theses.

- Plant shipments for the creation of organic vegetable gardens in schools.
- Addition of new traditional varieties to the list of available organic plants.
- Pupil visits to the nursery and educational presentations on plant seeding and transplanting.
- Participation with propagation material in the seed exchange fairs of the Peliti alternative community.
- Organization and recording of cooperating farms producing organic aromatic/medicinal plants.
- Participation in informational events on organic farming.
- Plant shipping and provision of know-how for the creation of urban vegetable gardens.

- Improvement and expansion of traditional varieties storage area.
- Setting up new offices.
- Improvement of the plant selling area.
- Large amount of shipments to amateur gardeners through the e-shop.
- Participation with propagation material in the seed exchange fairs of the Peliti alternative community.
- Participation in the Foodex trade fair at the Zappeion Megaron Hall, Athens, with an information stand along with cooperating organic farmers of aromatic plants from all over Greece.
- Promotion of cooperating aromatic plant producers in a trade fair publication in Great Britain.
- Promotion of collaborating aromatic plant producers on
- Creation of new storage areas.
- Cooperation with big companies of organic beauty and wellness products.
- Shipping of organic vegetable plants to research programmes.

- Design of plant selling area to a new space. Addition of seeds and organic fertilizers.
- Informational visit to Toulouse, France; update on the Community Supported Agriculture system.
- Participation and speech in an information day on the organic cultivation of aromatic plants at the farm of the School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
- New additions to the list of vegetable and aromatic plants.
- Participation with propagation material in the seed exchange fairs of the Peliti alternative community.
- Speech at the Vafopoulio Cultural Centre on the organization and creation of an organic aromatic plant unit.
- Organization of a database in cooperation with farms from all over Greece.
- Creation of a network of organic vegetable gardens in schools throughout Greece.
- Membership to the Hellenic Plant Material Exporters Association (HEPMA).

- Participation with an information stand in the Agrotica fair.
- Infrastructure improvement and office expansion.
- Participation with propagation material in the seed exchange fairs of the Peliti alternative community.
- Schools, university students and adult groups visited the nursery to find out about organic farming.
- Participation and presentation of the nursery and organic aromatic plant farms in the Mediterranean Regional Group of IFOAM (AgribioMediterraneo) during the Organic World Congress in Constantinople.
- Informational visit to organic farms in Serbia.

- Purchase of a plot of land; expansion of the nursery area.
- Creation of new stock nurseries with aromatic and vegetable plants.
- Visit to the Biofach exhibition in Nuremberg.
- Publication of the Biomag information magazine in both Greek and English, with articles on ecological farming, traditional varieties, gastronomy, etc.
- Creation of new storage areas.
- Membership to the Herb Society, UK.
- Publication of the organic aromatic/medicinal plant catalogue in Greek and English.
- Addition of new aromatic and vegetable plant varieties.
- Informational speech at the Environment Museum of Stymphalia on the possibilities and prospects of the organic aromatic plant business in Greece.
- Membership to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).
- Participation and presentation of the nursery in the Balkan Organic Forum at Panagyurishte, Bulgaria. Visits to units and farms in the area.
- Publication in Greek and English of a catalogue with all cooperating organic aromatic plant producers.