Organic plants

Since the foundation of our nursery, (spring of 2005), we have cared professionally about the production sector of the multiplicative material of aromatic plants. A sector that we trusted with and so we do now, investing important funds and time, so that we can follow any developments concerning new techniques and trends of global market.

Today we relish the cooperation and trust of plenty of professional producers - processors of aromatic plants, all around Greece. We keep going with greater appetite. We aim at more qualitative products... Below you can have a look at the aromatic and pharmaceutical plant selections we offer to professional producers.

Dill - Anethum graveolens L.
Chervil - Anthriscus cerefolium (L.) Hoffm.
Rue - Ruta graveolens L.
Yarrow - Achillea millefolium L.
Marshmallow - Althea officinalis L.
Leopard's bane - Arnica montana L.
Αbsinthium - Artemisia absinthium L.
Common Valeriane - Valeriana officinalis L.
St. John's wort - Hypericum perforatum L.
Greek Basil - Ocimum basilicum var . minimum
Genovese Basil - Ocimum basilicum var. Genovese
Red Basil - Ocimum basilicum var. purpurascens
Liquorice - Glycyrrhiza glabra L.
Grecian Foxglove - Digitalis lanata Ehrh.
Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Dittany of Crete - Origanum dictamnus L.
Spearmint - Mentha spicata L.
Russian Tarragon - Artemisia dracunculoides L.
Purple coneflower - Echinacea purpurea L.
Narrow-leaved purple coneflower - Echinacea angustifolia (D.C.) Hell.
Pale purple coneflower - Echinacea pallida Nutt.
Yellow Coneflower - Echinacea paradoxa (J.B.S. Norton) Britton
Greek Savory - Satureja thrymba L.
Winter Savory - Satureja montana L.
Summer Savory - Satureja hortensis L.
Thyme - Thymus vulgaris L.
Headed Thyme - Thymus capitatus (L.) Hofmm &Link or Corydothymus capitatus (L.) Reichenb.
Marigold - Calendula officinalis L.
Field Marigold - Calendula arvensis L.
Coriander - Coriandrum sativum L.
Crithmum - Crithmum maritimum L.
Sorrel - Rumex acetosa L.
Lovage - Levisticum officinale W.D.J.Koch
Lemon verbena - Aloysia triphylla (L'Her.) Britton
Lavender - Lavandula sp.
Lavandula angustifolia Miller
Lavandula angustifolia var. Hitcote blue
Lavandula angustifolia var. Munstead
Lavandula angustifolia var. Grosso
French lavender - Lavandula stoechas L.
Spike lavender - Lavandula latifolia Medic (Vill.)
Majoram - Origanum majorana L.
Lemon balm - Melissa officinalis L.
Peppermint - Mentha piperita Sm. 
Belladona - Atropa belladonna L.
Borage - Borago officinalis L.
Broadleaf plantain - Plantago major subsp. major.
Comfrey - Symphytum officinale L.
Greek Oregano - Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum
Gretan Oregano - Origanum onites L.
Clary Sage - Salvia sclarea L.
Chives - Allium schoenoprasum L.
White mustard - Sinapis alba L.
Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale F.H. Wigg
Νettle - Urtica dioica L.
Annual Nettle - Urtica urens L.
Feverfew - Tonacetum parthenicum (L.) Sch. Bip.
Mountain Tea "Olympos" - Sideritis scardica Griseb.
Mountain Tea "Parnasos" - Sideritis raeseri Boiss & Heldr.
Cretan Mountain Tea "Malotira" - Sideritis syriaca L.
Mountain Tea "Taygetos" -  Sideritis clandestina Chaub & Borry.
Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis L.
Greek Sage - Salvia triloba L.
Dalmatian Sage - Salvia officinalis L.
Gretan Sage - Salvia pomifera L.
Pennyroyal - Mentha pulegium L.
Chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla L. or Chamomilla recutita L. (Rausch).
Roman chamomile - Αnthemis nobilis ή Chamaemelum nobile L.